Fixing Weather Seals for Old Wooden Casement Windows

Your wooden casement windows will swing open with the help of a crank that’s often operated by the interior of your residence. The crank is often made of plastic, plastic or a wooden substance. The old models of casement windows often arrive with wooden fold and they’re very likely to want new weather-stripping so as to maintain drafts and keep warm air inside your residence. The process of weather-stripping updates is just so simple and you will pretty much do it by yourself. You’ll have to create use of a glue plastic pliable gasket weather-stripping and this is just really simple to mount and remove.

Things You’ll Need
Before beginning the process of substituting weather seals in your older wooden casement windows, then you want to be certain that you have all of the things you require. Here are the things required for this procedure:
• Glue vinyl pliable gasket weather-stripping
• Hammer
• Scissors
• Screw drivers
1. First of all, gradually eliminate the screen of your windows simply by detaching the screen clips with the usage of a screw driver. Put apart the window screens and continue on to another step.
2. Afterwards, open your wooden casement windows simply by turning the crank. Open the windows enough for you to be able to reach out into the 3 sides of the sash comfortably. This includes the bottom part, the shirt, in addition to the far side of the sash.
3. The next thing to do is to simply take off the older weather-stripping. If that was nailed right towards the chimney, then this is sometimes somewhat hard to eliminate. In case the substance which has been employed is pliable, then you just have to eliminate it completely with no nails coming out. Whether there are a number of nails, then attempt to eliminate it as far as possible till it’s going to be completely removed of their wooden casement windows.