FundraisingAssociation under the direction of for cancer treatment projects

Before you ask who is and what is the aim of her association, let’s brief a bit about one of the world’s deadliest disease i.e. Cancer. All of you are aware of the disease cancer. It’s one of the most harmful diseases, which if not treated early, can lead the patient to death. To prevent such disease from spreading throughout the victim’s body, he or she must be admitted to the hospital as soon as symptoms are spotted.

Now, is there an ultimate cure for cancer? Fortunately, the answer is yes. In today’s world cancer is curable, but only on the condition that the disease must be spotted at its initial stage. A delay in the check-up may lead to the death of the patient. To come up with more efficient methods of treatment, research agencies have been working hard for long. To help those agencies with the amount of money they need for their research works, the association of collects fund from people.
The events organised by the association of
The association raises funds from people through different ways. The willing donors can donate money to the organisation directly. Other than that, the association conducts several events and programs to raise funds. The events include cultural programs, education awareness programs, cancer-related education and awareness, the effects of childhood cancer, sporting events, debates and a lot more. The funds raised by the association of Mrs ArianeSlinger are donated to the cancer research centers across France, Switzerland and parts of the Europe.
The most horrific form of cancer is neuroblastoma, which is spotted mostly in children. In most cases, even current treatments fail to cure this particular disease, leading to the victim’s death. So, it can be said that Mrs and her association is doing a great favor to the cancer patients internationally.
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