How is iptv different from television protocols?

Iptv or internet protocol television is used in televisions which are delivered to houses over the IP network, rather than using traditional satellite or antenna. Thus means that television content is packed and delivered through high-speed access like digital subscriber line. Before the introduction of the set-top box, people make use of cables so that they can easily watch serials, news, and other programs, where lots of efforts were used.

But with the introduction of internet protocol television, it becomes easier for people to watch their favorite channel without any difficulty and with HD quality. It is specially built to provide services and hence contains various security and performance features to build reliable services for which customers can easily pay.
Storing programs
Iptv can easily stream live programs, but prerecorded movies and programs need to get stored in a way so that they can easily get selected and streamed as per the demand. Few VOD services easily limit the number of programs not because there is storage of space but their bandwidth can easily make an impact on the internet.

Streaming programs
Whenever you browse a site, you are effectively making the temporary link between two computers so that one can easily suck information from another. This is done by the computer server that directly links the IP address of the website which you are looking for. Servers are powerful and fast through the use of which you can download in a very little delay. This downloading is also known as IP unicasting.
Viewing programs
People who have internet connection and computer can easily watch iptv, but few do not want to see television on their computers of laptop screens. That is why most people use iptv that involves a set-top box that receives input through the internet connection then decode the signals and display the high quality of pictures in a widescreen TV.
So these were the top features of iptv that makes it different from other television protocols.
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