How to Get AppNana Codes

Recently, I have been asked by several of my game contacts how I Have earned so many AppNana points on the Android / iPhone app called AppNana / Program Delight! Just and I made the decision to discuss my experiences with this page describe to you in detail how I did it! Since joining, 20 people have been referred by me That is 20 individuals x 2,500 points per referral! Read my extensive explanations below, but in the event you are unable to wait or should you be a seasoned app user: App Joy or download AppNana, use my invitation coden6215050and we both get 2500 points! How do you get it done? Can there be actually a secret? There isn’t any real secret to earn AppNana points to be honest. Locate swap codes and other AppNana members you have to publicize your code on each social media account you have and download and open apps. Uniformity is essential with this particular Android/ app that is iPhone! All these would be the best means for you to earn more appnana hack apps points:

Discuss your code on Facebook and Twitter often. The Hootsuite app might be convenient to schedule your tweets;
Write a website to tell people how AppNana works for you personally. There are multiple free blogging platforms to make websites and blog posts like e.g.,, or;
Create a video to present viewers about appnana hack apps. You may add your code your site as well as a tutorial in the video. Sign up at e.g.;
Post your code in newsgroups that are associated;
Add your site page to Social Media Sites, Social Media Exchange Websites, Email Marketing Websites, Text and Banner Ad Websites and to Automatic & Manual Traffic Exchange Websites. This enables individuals from all around the globe maybe sign up and to find out your site. Your website post might be seen by someone as long as you stay active on the many plans which you join.