Know Your Canvas Print Profile Before You Buy Stretcher Bar

The demand for canvas printing is on the rise day by day as digital media printing progresses because canvas printing enhances the visual effect of a digital print by adding an exclusive glossy or matte finish to the print that can be retained for pretty long time. But is it enough to create a print on the canvas and keep it aside? How can you admire the canvas print which has no display? Can simply hanging it on the wall will serve the purpose? Does it need further processing? These are the questions you need to understand if you really want to provide exclusive visual appearance to your artwork or a digital print.

Considerations to display a digital print

The best part of your canvas printed artwork or digital picture is to give it a proper display to have the precise look of the image and canvas stretching is the best technique that makes the image good for display by framing or stretching it on the wooden frame. The frames are not good option because of higher cost and less durability. Mounting a canvas print on canvas stretcher frame is the best option that makes image appearance more live compared to a frame and canvas stretcher bars are used to construct a stretcher frame.

Right stretcher bars

The selection of right stretcher bar profile is necessary for effective stretching and mounting for which you need to determine the maximum stretch that a frame can have. The basic and standard stretcher bar profile is meant for small and medium canvases. Gallery profile is for Gallery Wrap display of canvas prints and is rather economical. Heavy duty basic profile is effective for medium and large displays. There are heavy duty professional ones that are ideal for very large and extra-large frames. All profiles are wooden stretcher bars and works best in specific situation and UK stretcher bars are the best in quality for every profile.