Salsa Classes – Who Cares What Other People Think, You Can Dance!

For anybody considering taking dance classes sydneybut worried about their picture or what other people could believe then that one is for you.

I recall how much pole I got back when I chose to learn how to dance salsa. It had been late 2006 and in the time my principal focus was Kung Fu so that you can imagine the sort of comments I got when they discovered that I had been taking salsa classes. After getting through the first banter it became evident that they had been very supportive in my decision and even though they chose to take the mickey out of me that they maybe wanted to perform something like themselves but were overly concerned about their picture.

It is always hard once you start something new especially if you’re known for doing something and you choose to start something quite different but life is all about changes and new experiences and so salsa classes for me where the fun new method of starting afresh.

I have to confess, before I knew anything about the salsa scene I was a little worried about my picture as I was not certain how people would respond to my new enterprise. I believe that is a concern a lot of people are going to have so I’ll tackle it a little under.

Are Salsa Classes Gay?

This was a huge question with a great deal of people I spoke to so that I wanted to tackle it here.

Due to the picture of the past it’s a frequent idea that this is true but it’s nowhere near the reality. Actually because my period dance I have discovered that lots of dancers in dance classes sydneyhave some sort of martial arts history and although this does not mean anything by itself it surely changes the picture with which dance is sensed.