Headgear Is Not Only a Custom, But A Fashion of Today

There are several reasons to use a headcover to which we call a hat or cap. Such reasons include religious customs, university graduation ceremony, protection against weather conditions, ceremonial reasons, to safeguard the skull, and even to conceal the baldness. Hats or caps have multiple uses and thus, accordingly designed as per the custom. Because of this reason, some hats are called Custom Hats.These are sort of fashion accessory and some look hat wearing as enhancement of personality. Hat is a symbol of respect and prestige and a few jobs such as military and police jobs have mandatory requirement for their staff to wear hat. They take off their hats when greeting their superiors and considered this as mark of respect.

Different types of headcover
customs of some religions of the world provide for their members to wear a special type of Custom Headwear. For instance, Muslims wear a specially designed white color cap on their head, Sikhs wear a turban made from long cloth, Jews wear a hat, and some other religions have their own customs. Students graduating in the University wear a specially designed black color square hat on their graduation ceremony. Some headcovers are not customary, but have other purposes and thus, their designs and styles have different specifications according to the purpose. For instance, beanies are a kind of fashion accessory and have innumerable designs and styles and are usually worn by more females compared to males for fashion purpose, Winter beanies are usually wool-made beanies. So, headcovers are not always custom made, but have many reasons to wear.
Styles in the headcovers
As you know, headcovers used in different customs are bound by the religious requirement for style, but those used as fashion accessory have no limitation. Fashion industry continues to launch new designs and styles every day and there is no end to it. Hats that were used for specific purpose have now dominated over the needs and there is no reason for the people to wear a hat or a cap when it has been considered as a need of fashion world.

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