The benefits of a facebook messenger bot

The human being has always tried to be in contact with his peers and the environment, the first way to establish this communication was with spoken language, languages and dialects were born among the peoples. As we move forward in the story was born the need to translate what we thought, then came the writing and with its books, newspapers, and everything that can be done on paper. However, the man in his eagerness to investigate and create new things invented the computer, which processed information much faster than the press and made it reach the most distant places in a matter of seconds.

Little by little, it was perfected and social networks appeared, with the sole purpose of establishing relationships and bonds that are increasingly effective among people. In these moments we can be connected with several individuals at the same time and exchange information in a safe way. One of the pioneers in this system was Facebook, a tool that globalized the way of seeing and contacting us.
Now, as we know that everything is renewed and reinvented, Amico communication experts have developed the chatbot, a virtual intelligence that allows us to be talking to a robot, previously programmed to follow certain parameters through the chatbot online. Through Facebook Messenger Bot you can promote any company, with the information you need to enter. You can also receive news of the latest technology, be updated in terms of marketing of any company or whatever is your preference.
The Facebook Chatbot is installed in simple steps in the fan page of the application, to create a chatbot through your Facebook, you can enter the website of the Amico chatbot maker. There you will be guided by your installation and will clear any questions you have in your interactive chat. Start enjoying the benefits of communication today.

Increasing traffic in accounts when you Buy Facebook likes

There have been years in which the traffic in Facebook completely outran various important sites like that of Google and many others. There has been a massive growth in social media over time and Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are great witnesses of that. There are many forms of business processes and others that have become extremely valuable through Facebook and many other websites. If you are a business owner, you should definitely Buy Facebook likes.

With a large number of likes and followers, you get to spread the fame of your products and services even on a worldwide basis. You can easily generate cheap facebook fans, get a large number of likes as well make use of facebook ads as well.

It needs to be known that there are many ways through which people can become fans in facebook. With increasing number of fans and likes, there are many popular ways through which your company or business can be increasingly popularized with time.

Once a person becomes a fan or follower in facebook, twitter or Instagram, he/she starts receiving a lot of updates and notifications regarding the page liked or followed. As a result, with time, the popularity of all of your products can be greatly increased among such followers. You should therefore concentrate to Buy Twitter Followers in order to get the desired results for your products.

It is always necessary to update the various aspects of your company through social platforms like that of Facebook, Twitter and many others. You should keep all of your fans and followers updated with fresh content so as to ensure that they are not bored with your products. When you further receive various followers and cheap likes on all such platforms, you can get a tremendous boost in your business. Hence, always focus to Buy Instagram followers.

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The various ways of getting all info through pirater un compte facebook

There is a really failsafe and also a highly easy way in which the Facebook account can be easily hacked. One of the many things that Facebook has provided is the easy way to actually provide the user with the complete password through hack facebook (pirater facebook). This is when one can really get the proper access to a person’s account.

One can really get the best information by choosing the sort of email that the person is actually using and also at the same time after getting the email, there are many who can easily hack the account. After the email account of the Facebook user has been hacked, it can get really easy to get hold of the user’s final Facebook account.

After getting hold of the email address and all access into it, one only needs to actually get into Facebook, input the user’s email and click on the forgot password area. Once it has been clicked we can see that the account can be easily accessed and also that too without any sort of proper trouble. After this has been done and also some procedures have been followed one can see that the process of pirater un compte facebook can be easily done after getting the information.

The complete password will be easily sent by Facebook into the email account of the user that uses the Facebook account. By getting hold of this complete password, one can easily use it to get hold of the complete Facebook account without any error as well.

Most of the people in the entire world today are really quite interested in pirater un compte facebook. Most of the people really prefer getting the Facebook account in order to spy on their girlfriend’s lives and figure out the many things that she does. The boyfriend/girlfriend scenario is the main reason why people prefer the Facebook account usage.

What you have to do for selling a Facebook page securely and easily?

Why buyers show more interest to buy the Facebook page instead Facebook followers?
The selling an account of Facebook means placing your account for sale agreed upon the payment and other terms for transferring the ownership. As the buyers show their interest more to buy the Facebook page instead of followers or likes, it will be profitable for you to sell facebook page.

You should choose only reliable and authentic buyers
However, you have to choose only reliable and authentic buyers to sale your Facebook page otherwise you will be cheated. You have to be very cautious about the safety of your account during the sale of your Facebook page. The trusted buyers will also guarantee you to get the agreed amount of sale. There is some risk involvement for your selling Facebook page.
The risk for selling your Facebook page:
• You will risk your brand name linked to the page. Your brand name should be free from Spam Brand.
• You may be cheated by the scam buyers. To save your account and to assure that you will definitely get the mutually agreed sale price you have to depend on the 3rd Party who will take over the total process of selling and arrange to get the sale price without any fail.

Which you will do to protect yourself from cheating?
To protect yourself from the possibility of cheating while sell your Facebook page, you can transfer the ownership of the Facebook page from your account to a dummy account.

What to do for this transfer of account?
• Create a dummy Facebook private profile that resembles like real account and has data supplied into in.
• Then create the dummy account as an Admin on your Facebook like page
• After that log into the created dummy account and diminish the original account from the Admin position.

You should leave the position of the sole owner of the account as the created dummy accounts for use it comparatively risks free way forselling a Facebook page.

What Is a Facebook Like Worth?

Lately I have been hearing a great deal of talks about the “worth” of curtidas facebook , Actual vs. Fake…

As usual, a lot of whom I hear is incorrect so I chose to do that post to put things straight…

Let me first start by describing the distinction between a “real” such as along with a “fake” like.

A so called “actual” such as is a similar to that’s earned the “right” way… meaning that the like was performed by a real man who discovered real value on your website or post or site or anything and decided to give you kudos by “like” it…

On to this “fake” such as; the imitation likes is a like that’s generated by any way other than that which I described above…

You will find a multitudes of different ways to get a fake like, too many for this particular post, but here are a few

1. Buy like bundles on microjob websites like; you can purchase a couple hundred to a couple thousand. These likes are almost always created with a bot (automated software bundle) that games Facebook safety and wrongly adds dozens to tens of thousands of likes over weeks or days. The favorable to this way is that it’s cheap… the drawback is that bots may be occasionally be discovered by Facebook safety which could lead to a Facebook page being shut down. Lately Facebook announced it has plans to ramp up discovery, you can read a good article about it here.

2. Buy curtidas facebook from a microworker website. This system involves purchasing “credits” or “tokens” on websites like These websites permit you to set up an account with your Facebook profile and then other men and women get credits by like your webpage or sharing,etc.. You pay anywhere from $5-$100 to purchase credits that you then “invest” when somebody likes your webpage; you could purchase a few thousand credits for $10-$25 normally.