Idol tan is surely your ultimate quick tanning solution

The darker the shade, the bolder it is. But you need to sit under the sun for quite a long time which might seem discomforting. After all, harmful UV rays are quite bothersome. However, here is a product to meet your tan requirements. idol tan review to give you an idea of the product to simple gets tanned.

What is idol tan?

Idol tan is the self-use product that preferably gives you a wonderful tan in a short time.

Composition and its role

 Dihydroxyacetone: The only darkening material that has the consent of the US FDA. On application, it surely makes the skin appear brownish.

 Methyl Propanediol: It generally performs the role of a solvent in the product.

 Cyclopentasiloxane: The material is a lubricant.It neither leaves behind a thick residue nor unnecessary cooling effect on the skin.

 Acetyl Hexapeptide-8: It is a water-soluble peptide.Surprisingly, it has potential to restore skin and prevent wrinkles.

 Hydroxyethyl Acrylate or Sodium acryloyl dimethyl taurate copolymer: The ingredients jointly work as a stabilizer.They also act as emulsifier and texture booster.

 Palmitoyl Oligopeptide: It is a peptide which moisturizes the skin.

 Palmitoyl Tetrapeptide-7: It is a peptide present additionally.The role is to regenerate collagen fibres in the skin.Thus, you get a skin tightening effect.

How to apply the product?

Stick to the steps properly to get the perfect tan.

1. Firstly, clean your skin and make it dry.

2. Then put the gel or foam on your body.

3. The skin gets dry in some time.

4. Thereafter, wash your hands nicely.

5. Apply it twice or thrice a week for great results.

So is it the ideal tanning solution?

If you are looking for an easy tan at home, this is indeed a product to get your hands on.It gives you a nice tan if applied properly.Buy idol tan and experience it for yourself.