From dirty pick up lines to partner or enemy

Life isn’t easy to be alone. Everyone needs someone to share the life with. Every individual gets attracted to someone, either with true feelings or it may be infatuation. Therefore people try to approach the other person by impressing him/her. Some use Dirty pick up lines too. These dirty pickup lines are taken in funnily, and some take it as very seriously.

What are dirty pickup lines?
This is nothing but to start a conversation between people or to break the ice mostly to a stranger for dating purpose. It can be dirty, funny or romantic lines to get an impression. It depends on how you make use of it.
Reason for using dirty pick up lines
• Some people think they may sound boring if they simply introduce their name.
• Trying to be cool and making a good impression.
• Most of the guys use these dirty pick up lines to ladies because they think women will think their creativity and be impressed with them.
• Some doesn’t know how to start a conversation; they use the tricks to use pickup lines.

Failure of pickup lines
Mostly people fail to make any good impression by using dirty pick up lines since it doesn’t make a good impression, especially to a lady. If it is taken sportively, then it is cool, and if someone doesn’t like it then it shouldn’t be done. Some also go into depression due to this.
To make a healthy conversation and make a good impression always is a well behaved gentle person, so that anyone will feel comfortable to talk with, chat with and also can be friends. To make a really good impression one should gain trust by behaving properly not through by pickup lines.