The Maze Runner Turned Video Game to Thump Your Heart

Dashner, a novelist published his four books in the late 2005. The books were a fame and publisher wanted him to write one more book for national publication. Dashner’s idea was to create a puzzle full of revolting creatures in mysterious future world which was hard to crack, for solving by teenagers before they could go to their bed. He wanted to create a puzzle from terrible things which could be desperate for users until it jerks their noggin. He then proceeded with writing this creation from December 2005 to March 2006 and book was later published in 2009. The Maze Runner was published as an exhilarating adventurous book for teenage which could pump their heart. This book in itself has a creative demand for more versions. The maze was a beginning of new era in video games.

Reworking for filming
The book was an overwhelming response and 20th Century Fox, the leading production company of Hollywood, went ahead with this when a film adaptation of this book was released. The Maze Runner which was screenplayed by famous T.S. Nowlin made its release on September 19, 2014. The movie was a successful release in many part of the world.
Maze video gaming
Maze game is a popular genre of video games which is mysterious unsolvable puzzle and a new way of excitement for video gamers. The concept of maze gaming and maze movies are similar and have been inspired from the original book. This is a science fiction for teens, but gained fame among people of all ages across the globe. The best part of this video game series is the frightening situation which is created just before end of the game causing heart of the players to thump by a scary figure and loud screaming sound using jump scare technique. Due to this reason, the game has been known by the name “scary maze game.”