Why choosing anti-fog lenses is very important when you buy paintball masks?

If you have played even just a little bit of paintball, you know it is no fun to see your mask’s lens fog up when you are being rained on with paint. Not only will it make you lose the game, but run you the risk of getting injured as you badly expose yourself to your opponents.

Thankfully, fogging is a problem that you can very easily fix. All you need to do is buy masks that only come with double paned lenses. When a lens is double paned, they have a vacuum between them. The vacuum prevents condensation and therefore there is no fog.

While even the paintball mask anti fog model will fog up just a tiny bit at least, the fogging can be kept to very, very insignificant levels where it is just a grey patch on your visor, hardly affecting your vision.

Even if you bought a mask that didn’t come with anti-fog lenses, you can still try replacing just the lenses instead of having to replace the entire mask. Most masks come with lenses that can be removed and swapped out with aftermarket lenses, either from the same company or from another company. Swapping out just the lenses will mean you save a lot of money that you will otherwise spend on buying a whole new mask.

Some players also use the tactic of carrying two lenses. In the heat of the battle when all the heavy breathing produces too much fog, all you need to do is swap out the lens. But, if you are taking this route, make sure that the change out feature on your mask is a good one. some masks will require you to fiddle around for almost 2-3 minutes while the good ones will let you swap out lenses in a mere 20 seconds.