Why Is Instagram So Popular?

Did you know an Instagram photo was printed on the Wall Street Journal? Did you know Facebookhas acquired Instagram for a whopping $1 billion? So what makes instagram so happening and interesting? What does Instagram do?

Visit App store, download instagram and set up an account. Upload a profile picture too. Now that you are all set, let us learn how to use instagram and what its benefits are.

1. Photo Sharing: – Instagram allows you to take pictures. You can also use the picture that exists in your camera. Giving a title to the picture adds an element of fun. you can upload the picture not just on your instagram account but also share it n other social networking sites such as facebook, twitter, Flickr, and Tumblr, to which you can easily connect via instagram. You can tag your picture and also mention the location, or add any description. On instagram pictures are public unless you want to set to private. However, if you set a private account, how can you add on followers?
2. Photo filter: – On instagram, you can manipulate the picture applying filters. You have a choice of 11different filters that can make your pictures cool and fantabulous. You can make your picture look retro or classic or make it seem futuristic as well.
3. Followers: – Instagram is based on sharing with friends and followers. Instagram allows followers to join your profile to be linked to your updates. Followers can comment on your picture or like it, ask questions etc. The more the number of followers the more is the popularity.
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