What you must remember when you go whey protein shopping again?

When you go whey protein shopping, what do you look for usually? Do you try to find a certain brand you are familiar with? Do you look at the colors of the labels? Do you look for trigger words like Monster, Carnivore, Lean, Elite, and Gold Standard etc.? Maybe you just look for price.

If it is the latter, here’s news for you. You might have been looking at protein prices wrong, all this time, even if you have been consuming whey protein for years.

When you go to buy whey protein, all you see is the price and the weight of the product. But, you don’t have a clue about the actual price of a protein gram. Without knowing that, trying to analyze and compare prices is as useless as randomly selecting a protein from a shelf of 100 protein powders, hoping you will find something that is great priced.

Shopkeepers and retailers of whey protein brands deliberately don’t want you to know the price of a protein gram. That is because the brands that are very expensive when it comes to price per protein gram are usually brands that give them a big profit margin. In other words, a retailer of whey protein might be selling a $20 whey protein for a 30% profit margin that will make him $6 as profit. But, there might be a $30 protein that gives you more protein but will allow the retailer to only make 10% profit. Since he will get only $3 by selling that protein tub, he or she will recommend that you buy the cheaper $20 tub, even though it contains less protein per dollar than the $30 protein. It is therefore up to you to be smart and buy cheap whey protein that is actually cheap or value priced.