The benefits of a facebook messenger bot

The human being has always tried to be in contact with his peers and the environment, the first way to establish this communication was with spoken language, languages and dialects were born among the peoples. As we move forward in the story was born the need to translate what we thought, then came the writing and with its books, newspapers, and everything that can be done on paper. However, the man in his eagerness to investigate and create new things invented the computer, which processed information much faster than the press and made it reach the most distant places in a matter of seconds.

Little by little, it was perfected and social networks appeared, with the sole purpose of establishing relationships and bonds that are increasingly effective among people. In these moments we can be connected with several individuals at the same time and exchange information in a safe way. One of the pioneers in this system was Facebook, a tool that globalized the way of seeing and contacting us.
Now, as we know that everything is renewed and reinvented, Amico communication experts have developed the chatbot, a virtual intelligence that allows us to be talking to a robot, previously programmed to follow certain parameters through the chatbot online. Through Facebook Messenger Bot you can promote any company, with the information you need to enter. You can also receive news of the latest technology, be updated in terms of marketing of any company or whatever is your preference.
The Facebook Chatbot is installed in simple steps in the fan page of the application, to create a chatbot through your Facebook, you can enter the website of the Amico chatbot maker. There you will be guided by your installation and will clear any questions you have in your interactive chat. Start enjoying the benefits of communication today.