Wide range of ring setting in engagement ring by James Allen

The James Allen is the name of the venture which renders you choose and get manufactured the ring you want. All you need is to select the design and material of the ring, the manufacturing will be performed by the skilful jewellers of james allen .

It is one of the largest online retailers of diamond and bridal jewellery in the world. It is operated by four people, Oded Edelman, James Schultz, Michele Sigler and Dean Lederman, who started it. It offers more than 150000 types in the diamond and various ring settings. Moreover, the metal of the band is white gold (14), white gold (18), yellow gold (14), yellow gold (18), platinum and rose gold. Here is the list of the ring setting which is offered by the James Allen.

• Tension
The tension setting exerts the pressure such that only four types of the gemstones can be placed in a tension setting safely; those gemstones are diamond, rubies, moissanite, and sapphires. It should be noted that the gemstone which is placed in the tension setting needs is not too soft; otherwise, it will get fractured due to intense pressure.

• Halo
The halo engagement ring can frame the middle stone in the way that it makes it look bigger and improves the brilliance of the stone. This can make the ring to look more impressive by adding the woww that just gets added in the first look.

However, on the flip side, it is quite difficult to make a halo engagement ring without decreasing the brilliance of the stones. This is because there are many stones of different sizes; it becomes hard to arrange them to allow the light through, at the desired angle.

• Vintage
The giving of the vintage ring can be very significant as there are the stories which are being transferred to the other owner, as these carry the memory of deep love.